Professional accountant

Description of the Professional accountant.

Accountants are one of the best paid professions. In this article we would like to describe who accountant exactly are, and what is included into their duties. First of all, there should be stressed that accountants can be hired by not only huge corporations but also by private clients. Generally speaking, everyone needs accountancy services. Their clients can be either international organizations or small entrepreneurs.

There is a wide range of institutions which employ accountants: professional firms, small private firms, industrial organisations, charities, nonprofit organisations, commercial and corporate organisations, the public sector, governmental bodies. In short, accountants are responsible for provision of financial advice. Very often, accountants are specialists in specific areas of practice like taxation, assurance, management consultancy, audit or corporate finance. They have a lot of duties to fulfil, however some of the most common are: administration of finance, expenditure and income control, preparation of accounts and tax returns, provision of tax planning services, analysis of accounts and business plans, presentations of financial reports, budgets, business plans, financial statements.

Moreover, they are also responsible for tasks not strictly connected with accounting like: meeting and interviewing clients or managing colleagues. The set of all duties depends on the type of the company where the accountant works. If you are wondering about working as accountant, you should also know what skills are required in this profession. First of all, accountant needs to be really self-motived. Gaining proper qualifications needs a lot of time, patience, and dedication. Moreover, very important in this profession is also responsibility. You should be aware of how important is you approval of any invoices or payments. If anything fails, you carry the whole responsibility.

Any financial decision you make, may have some wider consequences in the future. Usually, accountants have a lot of work to do, and because of this reason, organizational skills and abilities to face with some tight deadlines play very important role as well. In addition, as in almost all professions, accountants need to cooperate with other employees. In dealing with deadlines, and solving some potential problems, accountants can be supported by some other specialists what means that social skills and team spirit are also desired in this job. All could be extremely useful even at the primary stage of the accountant career. Gaining proper qualifications takes at least three years. Such process is said to be very demanding as it lasts at least three years. After graduating, “accountants-to-be” have also complete a three years of work experience. If accountants’ intention is to become appreciated and well-paid professionals, they need to sacrifice a few years.