Accountant Manchester – how to become one and what responsibilities it involves?

Accounting is a very serious and demanding job. You need to have a certain set of skills and experience which gives you an ability to prepare different documents and spreadsheets. English citizens nowdaays decide to conduct their own small businesses, and thus many of them need an accountant who will deal with all the financial factors of enterprise. Those are good news for those who still cannot decide if it is worth to become an accountant Manchester and open their own accounting company to earn the living. This article will specify what you have to do to become an accountant, what skills he or she needs to posses and how to change the job into a satisfying career. Interested? Read on.

How to become an accountant Manchester?

Those who wish to become accountants Manchester have a couple of ways to do it and to educate themselves. People who need to learn the basics of accounting to find a job in a small or medium company can search for a proper accounting course. There are basically three types of training. One is bookkeeping. This training will show you how to manage the income and expenses, write up proper notifications and invoices. This training will take a few days and costs about 200-300 GBP. The second option is payroll training, which will teach you how to take care of HR and salary. You will learn how to do salary evaluation, taxation and benefits.  There is a drawback: such courses are long (they can take a few weeks) and much more expensive – the training can cost from 400 to even 700 Pounds. As such, it is not an option for those who need to find a job quickly. Nevertheless, the sacrifice of time and money will be beneficial to you in the long run, as professional Payroll training gives you a chance to find a job in the HR department and get a good salary. The last course you can take if you are training to become one of the accountants Manchester is Computerized Accounting. It is a long training (a few weeks at minimum) but you will become a full-fledged accountant after taking the course. It will teach you all the necessary skills that are required to become an experienced accountant and open your own company. It is not cheap, as you will have to pay up to a 500-1000 GBP to start it.

When it comes to people who wish to learn more advanced accounting knowledge, the best way to do it is utilizing the lessons organized by the British educational system. They have a few modules which end in a certifying exam. If you wish to become an accountant Manchester, you have to learn a lot to pass such courses, usually organized by Association of Accounting Technicians – an official accounting society in UK. The courses are long, but those who wish to finish it earlier can do it and become a cashier or an accounting assistant. There are also courses organized by Association of Chartered Certified Accountants that deal with the financial law. It will be an ideal lesson for those who wish to know more about the British law and become an accountant Manchester which can give a viable financial advice for businessmen (more information about this you can find at Other great courses are taught by members of The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants who not only mention the accounting job, but also cover the basics of business management. It is worth noting that many coruses can be taken online, which is a very comfortable way to learn and expand your qualifications.

What are the responsibilities of the accountant Manchester?

You know how to learn the basics of the trade when you wish to be an accountant Manchester. Now you should know what are your responsibilities as one. The scope of services differs from one person and business to another, but generally speaking, all accountants balance the income and expense books, prepare various statistics and evaluate the passives and actives. In addition, many accountants have to take care of cataloguing the documentation and invoices, tangible and intangible assets, noting important business events and checking the validity of financial documentation. Furthermore, accountants Manchester have to file the yearly financial analysis, report any errors and make an archive of the whole documentation of an enterprise. Additionally, those who work in HR department also have to prepare financial and tax statements for employees and employers, benefit evaluation etc. It is worth noting that all those processes can be streamlined and much easier using dedicated computer program designed specifically for accountants. Such software allows for safe, secure and error-free work.

Basically, being an accountant Manchester means that you have to constantly count numbers and make sure each and every one of them is correctly placed. All of the company’s dealings have to be performed legally. This job demand snot only a mathematical, analytical mind, but also requires a bit of legal knowledge and a bit of flexibility that allows to find the best financial solution for your client.